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Company11's Upcoming Show


Lady MacBeth and Her Pal, Megan

Written by: Megan Gogerty
Directed by: Saffron Henke


March 21st - 23rd @ 8PM


In the Bellingrath Hall of Central Presbyterian

1260 Dauphin Street Mobile, AL

Standard: $15
Senior/Student: $12

About the show:

In a sharply relevant and refreshingly irreverent solo show, Megan Gogerty lays out what it's like to be a woman comedian. (Spoiler: it's murder.)

When comedian Megan Gogerty is informed that she can’t play Lady Macbeth – because Lady Macbeth is a tragic figure of powerful darkness, and Megan is the human equivalent of a golden retriever – she sets out to prove them all wrong, only to discover that not only must she reevaluate her preconceptions of Lady Macbeth, she must reconsider herself as both a woman and as a standup comedian. Ultimately, the witching Weird Sisters surface as a model for rebellious woman and sisterhood.

Lady Macbeth and Her Pal, Megan was voted Audience Pick of the Fringe at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival.

“Lady Macbeth and Her Pal, Megan is chock full of jokes...Hiding behind the innocent mask of ‘comic monologist,’ however, Gogerty is armed to the teeth, hurtling razor blades of sharp insight at a variety of targets: the patriarchy, the entertainment industry and the ingrained hypocrisy that leads us to treat an ambitious man as a strong, crusading hero and an ambitious women as cruel, conniving and shrill.”
- Little Village

“Sassy, saucy, and often hilarious one-person show...”
- Cincinnati Enquirer

“Always entertaining and masterful storyteller.”
- CityBeat (Cincinnati)

March 21 - 23 @ 8PM

Standard: $15
Senior/Student: $12

Lady MacBeth and Her Pal, Megan
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company11_feast_web (2).jpg

Company11 presents a play reading of 'FEAST.'

Written by: Megan Gogerty

Performances: March 23rd @ 1PM

In the Bellingrath Hall of Central Presbyterian
1260 Dauphin Street Mobile, AL

How do you stop a strongman? With fire.

Agathae, an ageless, magic woman, is throwing a sophisticated dinner party for us. As she tells the story of her son’s murder and her own quest for revenge, we learn she is Grendel’s mother from Beowulf, and she has been floating through the tides of time as a howling wraith, reliving her nightmare of injustice. She compares her plight to our contemporary age, and she gives us the gift of her courage to fight the forces of authoritarianism that threaten us now.

Admission to the reading is FREE!

We are located in the

Bellingrath Hall of Central Presbyterian

1260 Dauphin Street Mobile, AL 36604


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